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Jennifer Warchol, 

People often ask me how I became a professional organizer and what qualifies me to be one.  The simple answer to that is I was born to be an organizer!  All of the work I have done in my life has built the foundation for organizing by giving me the skills and experience to succeed in this career. 

I guess you could say I have always been in the business of helping people. I received a degree in Psychology at the University of New Hampshire where I focused on behaviorism and counseling.  Looking at why people did things differently and studying different personality types fascinated me.  While in college, I worked at several different jobs, including one of my favorites, an assistant to an interior decorator.  I helped with design projects, but also helped my employer by designing a system for her to manage her paperwork and on-going projects.   I was often hired to help out in offices and ended up organizing myself out of a job!  Most of the time the employer didn't need another staff person, they simply needed organization. I also owned a successful small business to support myself through college.  Since I was a one-woman business, it was crucial that I came up with ways to do everything efficiently so that I could spend more time with my clients.

After college, I began working for the agency serving individuals with developmental disabilities on the seacoast.  I worked at the agency for 12 years doing several jobs, but mostly as a case manager and a quality improvement specialist.  These jobs allowed me to take my natural organizational skills and apply them to people's lives.  As a case manager, I worked with individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as aquired brain injury.  My job was to manage an individual's team of staff, family and/or guardians, doctors, employers, etc.  I especially enjoyed helping the individual set personal goals and find creative ways to attain them.   As a quality improvement specialist, I compiled data regarding our services and looked for places where improvement was needed.  I have always loved to problem solve and find better and more effecient ways to do things. 

I am a certified personal trainer which has allowed me to gain experience in coaching and motivating people to achieve their goals.  As in all of my previous jobs, training or helping a person was only successful if I looked at each person and designed a program that worked for their individual needs. 

I realized my dream job as a professional organizer in 2008 and have been working at fine tuning my skills ever since. I have completed The Course for Professional Organizers through the Professional Organizer Training Academy.  I am very excited that I can now put my talents and experience to work in helping people to live happy, low stress lives!    
My philosophy:  No one is perfect!  

I believe that there is no right way to do things.  It is about what works for each individual.  

I will work with you in a non-judgemental, professional way to find what works for YOU!  

I want to help you achieve your goals with sustainable organizing solutions.